orientation o‧ri‧en‧ta‧tion [ˌɔːriənˈteɪʆn, ˌɒ- ǁ ˌɔː-] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] MARKETING the type of activity or thing that a business or organization gives most attention to:

• The company needs to develop a stronger orientation towards marketing its products.

• He was unhappy with the commercial orientation of the organization.

ˌmarket orienˈtation also ˌmarketing orienˈtation [uncountable] MARKETING
when a business concentrates on designing and selling products that satisfy customer needs in order to be profitable:

• Organizations which have a market orientation need to respond quickly to changes in the way people live and work.

ˌproduct orienˈtation [uncountable] MARKETING
when a business bases its ability to make profits on the high technical quality of its products, rather than on customer needs
ˌsales orienˈtation [uncountable] MARKETING
when a business bases its ability to make profits on using powerful selling techniques to persuade people to buy its products, rather than on customer needs
2. [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES a period of time during which people who have just joined a company or organization are trained or given information:

• All new employees attend a number of orientation sessions.

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orientation UK US /ˌɔːrienˈteɪʃən/ noun [C or U]
the type of interests, activities, or aims that an organization, business, or project has, or the act of giving attention to a particular thing: »

The development of a consistent culture of customer orientation throughout the organization is crucial for survival.


The company has adopted a new eco-friendly orientation.

orientation to/towards sth »

He stressed the company's orientation towards the needs of the market.

HR the particular beliefs, opinions, or ways of behaving that a person has: »

The Act requires that people should be employed without regard to their political or sexual orientation.

HR training or preparation for a new job or activity: »

The job starts tomorrow with a full week of orientation.


You will be given an orientation before your project starts.

See also MARKETING ORIENTATION(Cf. ↑marketing orientation), MARKET ORIENTATION(Cf. ↑market orientation), PRODUCT ORIENTATION(Cf. ↑product orientation), SALES ORIENTATION(Cf. ↑sales orientation)

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